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" We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole. " 
       -  A.T. Still MD, DO   


Craniosacral therapy embodies an integration between western medicine, indigenous bodywork, and eastern spirituality. 

The roots of craniosacral therapy come from osteopathy, a holistic modality that was developed by Andrew Taylor Still. Still was a doctor who lived and learned from the Shawnee people, and their ways of healing are deeply embedded, yet often not acknowledged, in the modern practice of osteopathy and its offshoots today.

By upholding the principles of holding space, deep listening, and neutral presence, we release trauma and tension from the living anatomy through honoring the innate healing capacity within each person. Though we incorporate many different modalities within our sessions, these principles are the core foundation of our practices.

We believe that the history of illness & physical trauma are stored in the body's structure. Thus we treat the entire body as a system- restoring movement to the flow of fluids, and following and guiding the motion and quality of the tissues as they relate to the entire structural and energetic makeup of the body, in order to bring back healthy functionality.


Though Craniosacral is at the heart of our work, we integrate many modalities:
See services page or click on any of the modalities above for more info about each.
See below for each of our individual focuses and booking pages for additional trainings.

alina consuelo


alina's training spans across disciplines and modalities, focusing on each client's specific intentions and needs. Each session is a mixture of manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, trauma informed bodywork, and verbal processing.


They hold 1-1 sessions and co lead community wellness workshops. with a background in community organizing, they deeply value collective healing and care practices focused on making space for multiplicity. 

healing collaborator, social practice artist, and cultural worker

trî chung


trî specializes in trauma with a focus on developmental trauma (prenatal, birth, early childhood, and attachment), acute & chronic injuries and neuroinflammatory conditions. They hold 1-1 session, group sessions, and workshops, and are a Craniosacral & Polarity instructor at IPSB (School for Integrative Psycho-Structural Bodywork).


They love helping clients discover and resolve the root causes of pain. They offer tools & resources to release trauma, regulate stress, and create embodied practices and systems that support people to be their highest visions of themselves.

integrative manual & somatic trauma therapist, group facilitator /educator


Customized client-focused therapy :

All appointments include client-focused intake to identify and set intentions around our work together, whether it is one session or a series of sessions.


Sessions integrate therapeutic bodywork, energy medicine, and somatic processing or coaching to unwind and release both physical tension in the fascia and tissue at a physical structural level, as well as the underlying energetic level that may be contributing to the issue. By addressing the energetic body as well as the physical body, the body can release the trauma fully in order to restore and recover.

Sessions can focus on physical manual therapy or emotional processing or a combination of both.

Using a combination of modalities, the session is customized to meet you where you are and address your intention. The priority is to resource your system and facilitate your innate healing process.  


Client-focused customized sessions:
  • Identifying the core issue/s

  • Bringing awareness to unconscious patterns that might be contributing to the issue

  • Setting intension/s for the healing process

  • Resetting, regulating, and resourcing the nervous system

  • Correcting structural imbalances, releasing soft tissue, fascia, lymph

  • Integrating neural reflexes

For same day appointments or special time requests (ie. nights and weekends), please call or text for availability. Same day appointments are disabled on the online schedulers.


Group sessions, workshops, & classes​:
  • community clinics

  • craniosacral classes & workshops

  • trauma healing groups

  • family & systems constellations workshops

We host regular group sessions, workshops, classes, and offer many resources to support community wellness and individual tools. If you would like us to lead a workshop or facilitate group trainings for your organizational or group retreat, please contact us!


These are some of the highest values that inform our practices and how we work with our clients.


holding space

Holding space means deep listening, allowing others to be heard without judgment. Neutrality is a core principle of healing, and creates a safe environment for emotional exploration.



Creating an inclusive environment to us means celebrating, respecting, and being culturally aware of the diverse identities and experiences of LGBTQTIA+ and BIPOC individuals.



Compassion encourages understanding, kindness, and acceptance towards ourselves and the world, even when confronted with circumstances beyond our control.



Collaboration thrives when honesty and vulnerability create a safe space for individuals to be authentic.

This resonance fosters connection and collective growth.



Embracing metacognition and mindfulness cultivates an awareness of the bigger picture and a curiosity toward the way we move through life. Resolution unfolds as we genuinely listen and honor the wisdom of the process



Consent is a fundamental value that respects autonomy and boundaries. Our trauma-informed approach prioritizes survivors' experiences, fostering safety and empowerment. We model consensual communication. 



As practitioners with intersectional identities, we work with a diverse array of people from different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. We value inclusivity, which to us means supporting clients in their unique identity development and formation, affirming their individual life experiences.

Clients come to us looking to "alternative" healing modalities for answers, because they are often not getting the support they need from conventional Western (or allopathic) medicine for their issues. They don't understand why they aren't getting better and want to feel more connected to their bodies.

Many individuals seek our support, whether as an addition to their current medical treatment plan or as an alternative. Our holistic approach allows us to view the body as a unified system, understanding how its separate parts fit and function within the whole. For example, if someone has a broken leg that is not healing properly, we focus on supporting lymph flow in that area, unwinding trauma within the bones and fascia, and helping process any nervous system trauma that may be hindering the healing process.

Whether it's physical or emotional trauma, we help clients find resolution, through unwinding the physical body, fascia, and nervous system, and through emotional, energetic, and somatic awareness.

Some issues we work with:

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Digestive Issues

  • ADHD

  • Long Covid

  • Stress

  • Auto-Immune Conditions

  • Repetitive Tension Patterns

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Chronic Pain

  • Acute Injury

  • Pre-Surgery Prep

  • Post Surgery Prep

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Concussion

  • Muscular & Joint Pain

  • Shock Trauma

  • Ancestral Trauma

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Allergies & Toxins

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