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alina consuelo


• craniosacral therapy & polarity therapy for ancestral memory & support •

My approach as a bodyworker and energy worker encompasses a profound commitment to holding sacred space for individuals seeking renewal, recovery, and ancestral connection. I merge the realms of intuition and scientific anatomical understanding with a deep reverence for spiritual exploration.


Each session is a unique journey, meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs and experiences of my clients. I prioritize each client's process of reconnecting with their lineage and the power that resides within us all. In times of emotional turbulence and challenging experiences, I use somatic processing to facilitate healing and growth.


My goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment where clients can embark on a holistic path toward physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, guided by their own unique rhythms and aspirations.


Bringing balance by releasing restrictive patterns in the body

- Craniosacral Therapy

- Polarity Therapy

- Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

- Brain Therapy

- Neural Reflex Integration AKA     Primitive/ Neonatal Reflexes

- Integrative Bodywork


 Trauma-informed care at a collective & individual level

- Ancestral Remembering

- Nervous System Issues

- Impacts of Systemic Oppression 

   on the body

- Intergenerational Holding Patterns


Special offerings & events,

community resources and education

- Craniosacral Immersions

- Craniosacral Partnered Exercises

- Collective Care Re-Imagined

~ online or in-person ~


alina consuelo

healing collaborator
social practice artist
cultural worker 

In the summer of 2016 I attended a Relational Somatics training with the organization Relational Uprising. The co- director and training co facilitator, Lucién Demaris, led our group in a paired craniosacral exercise. The moment we started the exercise I started crying, while overwhelmed with this emotional release it also felt so good. I had never experienced bodywork so focused on my nervous system. It was simple and effective. That led me on a path to getting my massage license, practicing with an auyervedic practitioner for a few years, and getting my craniosacral and polarity certification. 

This work changed how I related to and understood my body and my trauma. It opened portals of possibility and reminded me of my own power. I knew I wanted to use this work to support my community and those like me. I believe wholeheartedly in each person’s capacity to heal. My practice is not about “fixing” or “healing” someone. It is about supporting someone on their unique  journey. My practice is trauma informed and rooted in self agency and determination. I see each of us as deeply connected to our roots and communities even if that connection feels lost,  disconnected or painful. My approach is to honor people in their process. I trust their guidance towards what healing looks like for them. I am a witness and a guide through that process. 

I work with people who have been unfairly limited by systems and institutions not built with them in mind. Those who feel “inbetween” identities or social categories. Those who exist in multiple intersections of culture, contexts, and land. I work with queer, trans, non binary folks. I work with migrants, mothers, and kids. I work with anyone experiencing deep grief and heart ache. I work with groups fighting for liberation. I work at events cultivating joy and play amidst crisis. 


I am always continuing to learn in my work. Whether it is through trainings or co creating the session with clients. This work has felt like a spiritual practice of listening, letting go, holding pain, and expanding perspective. It is such an honor to be a practitioner in this way. I am so grateful to all my past, present, and future clients. 


I am a non-binary, queer, mixed artist raised in los angeles CA . I studied studio art and critical pedagogy education in college. I graduated with a B.A of liberal arts from Hampshire College. As an artist and educator, my work life has been in the non profit sector, working for racial and economic justice. After a period of burnout from community organizing, I enrolled in massage school and a craniosacral program as a way to connect to a slower and more intentional ways of living. 

I did some of my training with Gary Strauss at IPSB at Life Energy Institute through the Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding and Registered Polarity Practitioner Therapy Program in 2018. I have taken many advanced trainings and courses in osteopathic manual therapies, curanderismo, and somatic work. I have a background in Auyervedic Lymphatic massage, integrative bodywork, and energy medicine. I currently co-lead trauma healing workshops and Craniosacral & Polarity Therapy trainings at our office space in Pasadena, and online. I am dedicated to creating interdisciplinary spaces & offerings for bipoc & queer folks in the healing arts.


CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist 


Registered Polarity Practitioner

IPSB at Life Energy Institute

Pachakarma and Kosha Yojana Specialist 

Surya Spa

Integrative Energetic Bodywork Program

IPSB at Life Energy Institute 

Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding

IPSB at Life Energy Institute 


Visceral Manipulation

Barral Institute

Primitive/Neural Reflex Integration

Chikly Institute

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement

Identity Development Constellations

Identity Development Institute

Lymphatic Drainage Therapies

Chikly Institute

Brain Therapy

Chikly Institute


Ancestral Work, Curanderismo, Relational Somatics


Board Member and treasurer

Puentes Collective

Consultant Grant Officer for Semester of Justice

Kaleidoscope Institute

Relational Leadership Fellow

Ethics and the Common Good

Radical Engagement Relational Organizing Training

The Relational Center

Consultant Program Manager

Rising Leaders Fellowship Sojourners

Organizer and Collective Member

Center Space Relief

Group Somatics Facilitator

Stoke Collective

alina bio


alina is a channel to higher dimensions, ancestors, and that which is unseen. Working with her is more than just getting a session from someone who is trained in a modality. She is able to be present and tap into stuff that I would otherwise not know how to access. alina has a gentleness that in itself is healing. She knows the body on an anatomical and an intuitive level and is more committed to genuine healing and collaborating to work toward your healing than anyone I know. She is a gift to this world and to everyone that gets the opportunity to do healing work with her.

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